as of November 2017

"Member" means the individual applicant to the Club who has been admitted and given rights to use the facilities. Membership is open to any adult, regardless of gender. "Spouse"means a person married to a Member. "Junior"means a child of a Member, age 26 or under, and living at the Member's home (or school or college). A Spouse can become a Member (and obtain full Member privileges) by paying the initiation fee and annual dues.
  1. The "right of play" on the tennis courts gives priority at all times to dues-paying Members; and priority is given to groups of players in the following order:
    1. Four Members
    2.  Three Members
    3. Two Members
    4. One Member and Spouse
    5. One Member and Guest
    6. One Member and Junior
    7. Spouses
    8. Juniors
  2. When Members are waiting to play and no court is available:
    1. All waiting Members must be present to be considered for priority "right of play."
    2. Groups with one or more Member players on the court will yield at the end of the set in progress, with tie-breaker at six-all.
    3. Groups comprised of Guest(s), Spouse(s), or Juniors) without a Member player on the court should yield to Groups with one or more Members at end of next game.
  3. Privileges and restriction of Juniors:
    1. Juniors may play under the lights only when accompanied by a Member or Spouse.
    2. No Juniors under 10 years old can use the tennis courts unless accompanied by a Member or Spouse.
    3. Juniors under 21 years old are not allowed in the clubhouse (including basketball court and ping-pong practice room) unless accompanied and supervised by a Member or Spouse, except when using the bathroom.
  4. Guests:
    1. Guests may use the club facilities only when accompanied by a Member or Spouse.
    2. A Guest may play once per year.
    3. Members should avoid playing with Guests during prime hours (M-F l lam-lpm and after 5 pm).
  5. Parking:
    1. Parking on the Club premises is allowed only while the vehicle driver is actually using the Club facilities (i.e., playing tennis or basketball, socializing or watching television in the clubhouse, using the locker room for jogging or showering).
    2. Because of limited space, cars must be parked close to the short fence, away from the tennis court fence, and in a way that allows as many cars as possible to get by and park.
  6. Other Rules:
    1. Early morning play must be as quiet as possible out of respect for neighbors. If possible, early play should be kept to court #1.
    2. No tennis is allowed after 10 pm.
    3. No basketball is allowed after 9 pm.
    4. Profanity is not tolerated on the court or anywhere at the club at any time.
    5. Shirts shall be worn at all times on the tennis court.
    6. No smoking is allowed anywhere at the club, and no alcoholic beverages maybe consumed on the tennis courts.
    7. The last member leaving the clubhouse should turn off lights, TV, turn thermostat down to 60 degrees in winter, and lock the clubhouse.
    8. The tennis courts must not be used when wet or soft (the "thumb test" works well).
    9. Any member failing to abide by these rules is subject to suspension by the Board of Directors.