2019 marks the 107th anniversary of the Bow Brook Club.  Tennis is a great lifetime sport and the members of Bow Brook are welcoming.  Now is a great time to consider joining Bow Brook, not only for the best clay court tennis but for the unique athletic facilities in the winter.

Bow Brook's gym is a great place for some pick-up basketball or a place you and your children can run around on a rainy winter day.  Members play badminton and more recently "pickleball."  It is a great workout in the most casual of atmospheres.

Every member should try to encourage at least one person you know to consider the advantages of joining Bow Brook.  In any large city, this type of club would cost thousands of dollars.  It is a unique institution.

This year, we are offering returning members a 10% discount on their membership for every new member they bring into the club.  Newly referred members will also receive a 10% discount for their 2019 membership.